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Mi Corazon Insiste capitulo 65. This capitulo is for the day Friday August 19, 2011. You can see all the capitulo of strategies telenovela broadcast by Televisa. Mi Corazon Insiste capitulo 65

Mi Corazon Insiste capitulo 65: Love is adrenaline and feel the world disappears when you cling to a woman who loves and hates with the force of a volcano ... only she has wept in silence for suffering, lives intensely the pain, love and hours true happiness ... Because she is Lola Volcano ... She is a woman of fire, those that are hard and impenetrable, but inside hides a world of tenderness for those who conquer his heart. She tears did not spring for a stranger from the past trauma, and even in the most intense moments of your life, you can express what is inside ... learned to save everything and bring the explosion of feelings to herself ... 

Volcano inherited from the tragic fate that haunts their women ... and in the midst of its war for survival, found a single reason to be happy, love Andres Santacruz. They fell in love at a very young age and know that burning a feeling that is eternal. 

They have tried to give new meaning to love, surrender to the intensity of each other and let the adrenaline rise to meet you all for being together. But the family is the enemy of this couple, and Marcelo Santacruz, the father of Andrew, will do whatever it can to separate them, to the point of accusing Lola crime he never committed. 

She will become stronger and decided to give up on love Andrew, but with pain tattooed on his soul. And that's where Deborah Noriega, enters with his whims obsessed with Andrew and keep fighting for your side. 

Here begins the life of a volcano of emotions, a woman who faces the loss of all he loves and who fights against fate itself to try to be happy away from the man who goes crazy ... She vows to erase the passion for Andrew trying to love others with mortal destiny, but in the end life will signal an error and challenge career to join an everlasting love

El Joe, La Leyenda capitulo 54 , this capitulo will be issued on Friday, August 19, 2011. You can enjoy all the capitulo of this spectacular soap opera that is transmitted by the Televisa. 
El Joe La Leyenda capitulo 54: The streets of Cartagena walking dying Alvaro José El Joe Arroyo (Jair Romero), who desperately search for Jackeline Ramon (Estefanía Borge) to convince her not to marry another man. Amid the delirium produced by the agony, Joe begins to remember the happy times she lived with her in the seventies at the time of the Carnival of Barranquilla. 
At that time, Joe is Gozadera pure. She sings in the band 'La Protesta' and is engaged to marry Adela Martelo (Jeymmy Paola Vargas), his teenage girlfriend, but the great disorder which are holiday carnival joe encountered with Jackeline aristocrat Ramon, who is the daughter a music impresario named Ramon Anibal (Flavio Caballero), owner of the label Caribbean. The arrow between the two is immediate and live the most intense days of passion among the parties. Jackeline, does not tell Joe that his dad is a person in society Barranquilla lender for fear that the only value it has, but seeing the talent of Arroyo, promises it will help you realize your dreams be a musician. Then Joe ends where it comes from hearing about it, because Hannibal is looking for a singer to assemble an orchestra and is interested in it.

Ana Cristina Capitulo 77. Hello friends here we bring you the latest capitulo in his telenovela Ana Cristina Capitulo 77 preferred to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.
Ana Cristina Capitulo 77: Gonzalo, Second Cernadas is a man who has everything. This character has a luxurious life and is loved by his beautiful love ... until it is Ana Cristina, Karina Jordan, a young totally different from him and who will return half his life. With the participation of prominent actors such as Javier Valdez, Lourdes Berninzon, Julian Legaspi, Michael Finseth, Carolina Cano, Sonia Oquendo, among others.
Enjoy the best definition audio and video HQ. See it on August 19, 2011 only for this their favorite website.