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PT Aqua Golden Mississippi Tbk (Aqua) to price the tender offer (tender offer) shares of Rp 450,000 per unit. The company offered price is higher than the results of independent assessors report on Aqua reasonably priced stock.Based on the company a written explanation, Tuesday (8 / 9), reasonably priced stock assessment results KJPP Aqua Ruky, Safrudin, and Partners only Rp 200,095 per unit.In his assessment, KJPP Ruky, Safrudin, and Co, using the discount method and the net cash flow into account such restrictions on the stock assessment report information. Indication of the fair value of 100 percent stocks and subsidiary companies as of 30 April 2009 of Rp2, 63 trillion, or Rp 200,095 per share.Offer price of shares Rp450.000 per unit by Aqua management represents a premium of 83.82 percent of the highest trading price of BEI shares within 90 days before the planned announcement of going private in September 2009 of Rp244.800 per share.

Stock offering price of 83.06 per cent of the highest trading price in the regular market IDX last two years before the date of notice of general meeting extraordinary shareholders (EGM) 8 September 2009.

Offer price of shares was also made after taking into account the adjustment factor due to changes in the nominal value of the last two years since the EGM to approve delisting, plus a premium return on investment for two years worth Rp245.817 per share.

The stock offering price reaches 124.89% premium from the share price reasonable assessment based on independent assessment or 44,900% premium of the nominal value of shares of Rp 1,000 per share.

Meanwhile, Rp450.000 offering price per unit is 245 percent premium from the average price of shares trading dalan last year before the suspension of trade.

Earlier, shares of BEI mensuspensi Aqua Rp130.325 level in June 2009.

Offer price of shares that the company plans related to a private company (going private) and remove its stock listing (delisting) of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI).

As of August 31, 2009, PT Tirta Investama controlled 94.35 percent stake in Aqua or equivalent 12.42 million shares and the equivalent of 5.65 percent or 743.38 thousand units.

Period of tender offer made on 11 November to 10 December 2009 and the date of payment on December 22, 2009. Meanwhile, the estimated delisting application to the Stock Exchange on January 5, 2010.

Related to go private, Aqua will hold a general meeting extraordinary shareholders (EGM) on October 13, 2009.

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