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Bank CIMB Niaga is targeting the number of credit card holders until the end of 2009 reached 700 thousand customers or seniali with Rp1, 5 trillion."The use for this year tends to rise. We also aim to increase 700ribu.Suhaimin explained, until August this year, the number of cardholders has reached 623 thousand customers or the cost of Rp1, 4 trillion. While last year, the number of credit card holders equal to Rp1, 2 trillion.According to Suhaimin, optimistic target set to achieve. Because, until now the credit card market in Indonesia is very potential."Market share our new overall 10 per cent. The others still use cash. For that we would take a 90 percent market. It is impossible today Rp20ribu shopping or pay Rp50ribu use a credit card. But the future, we will perform it .

Suhaimin revealed, an increase in credit card transactions in the month of Ramadan and Eid by 20 percent compared with ordinary month.
"The month of Ramadan and Eid are up 20 percent to 30 persedn than normal month. So if transactions per day are usually Rp450 billion, the Muslim fasting month to Rp500 billion to Rp550 billion.

"It's peak season. Holiday season. If the holiday season would increase the credit card transactions. For the holidays, for traveling.

In addition to credit cards, he added, there is an increase in mortgage credit penyalura sector and automotive loans. Compared with normal month, the fasting month and Lebaran holiday season end knows, mortgages increased by 20 percent to 30 percent. While for automotive loans increased by 15 percent.

"Automotive is usually Rp700 billion per month. Until August the number much for. But now tends to rise, and the possibility to Rp750 billion per month.

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