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Financial institutions that do not show responsibility can not be re-opened.
The leaders of countries that joined in the group G 20 agreed to ensure the law in each country can truly regulate the banking system or other financial institutions that caused the economic crisis. This decision is stipulated in the draft statement the meeting of G 20 in Pittsburgh, on Thursday and Friday.
"We agree that the financial institutions that do not show responsibility can not be re-opened.

In addition, they also agreed to create a common framework that contains a number of policies to create a balanced global growth, strong, and sustainable. The leaders claimed to have to change the target demand from the public to the private sector.

They also said it would arrange for an equitable pattern of economic growth that reduces inequality among states. The leaders promised to prevent a sudden surge of growth in some sectors such as trade credit and high-risk assets.

"We also will attempt to accelerate structural reforms to increase private demand and strengthen the long-term growth potential," they said.

Members of G 20 states will adopt the principle to maintain macroeconomic equilibrium price. These leaders agreed that reform of the global economic architecture needed to meet 21st century challenges. They also said the forum as 20 G major forum for international economic cooperation.

Therefore, G 20 form the Council of Financial Stability to embrace the developing economies and oversee the development of financial regulation. In the future, the G 20 would give more power to developing countries and hoped to hold the World Bank's role in dealing with problems that require international cooperation.

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  3. pangeran datang. bukan dengan kekuatan tapi dengan senyum" Coment balas Coment…”

  4. Yoga says:

    We must create a balance, fair and mutually beneficial economics for the world.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog..

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    datang, koment lansung follow...

    follow balik kawan...

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