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Shares trade on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, Thursday (17 / 9), in a crowded market opening, because the perpetrators to buy cheap stocks, especially banking shares leading to composite stock price index (JCI) rose 0.91 percent.

IDX index rose 22.791 points to 2460.085 and LQ-45 index rose 5.623 points or 1.18 percent, to 482.151. Capital market observers, Farial Anwar, in Jakarta on Thursday, said market players chase banking stocks are assessed price is still cheap. Purchase of shares of banking and mining industry is the main factor pushing up the index rose IDX back above 2400 points.

Farial According to Anwar, the index is likely to continue to strengthen until through 2500 points, due to the positive sentiment growing market with the entry of foreign capital into the domestic market. In addition, market participants see more and more powerful they are optimistic that the rupiah pushed Indonesian capital market can still develop further.

However, he added, the increase in the stock which continued in five consecutive days, fear of foreign actors will perform the action took profit. IDX index increase was assessed ongoing extraordinary. But it should beware, because this is the behavior of foreign investors who regard Indonesia capital market is easy fried to achieve what is desired.

Banking stocks gain, among others, the Bank BCA rose Rp150 to Rp4.500, BRI 125 to be strengthened Rp7.800, Bank Danamon rose Rp75 so Rp4.550, Astra International rose Rp550 so Rp33.450, Astra Agro Lestari rose Rp250 to be Rp21 .200, and Indosat so Rp5.400 up Rp75.

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