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Difficult to obtain Fuel (BBM) during Lebaran week is a concern many people. Therefore, for the preparation of Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1430 H future, the government guarantees fuel availability during Hari Raya, including at some point forth.Director General of Oil and Gas Evita Legowo said it had provided approximately 50 additional fuel tanks in some places, like in Banten, Lampung, Central Java, West Java, Yogyakarta and East Java. "That in some areas we have standby special pouches.In addition, it also diverts approximately 16 Fuel Filling Station (Gas Station) to diesel fuel of premium. This is done because the previous year based on the experience of the fuel consumption of premium more than diesel."Usually for Eid is more widely used premium, so there are 16 stations that switched from diesel to premium.

As for users of motor vehicles, Evita said it was also preparing a special filling stations for bike transit. Transit stations are prepared a number 95 which is located in the north and south lines.

Evita further detail, the national inventory of premium fuel for Lebaran reached 6.037 million barrels, 2.47 million barrels of kerosene, diesel 9.867 million barrels, and avtur 1.492 million barrels.

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