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After the United States dollar (U.S.) began to slump, the rupiah exchange rate to exceed the limits of psychological re Rp 10,000 per U.S. dollar. Yesterday, the exchange rate of Bank Indonesia (BI) shows the rupiah exchange rate was in the position of Rp 9925 per U.S. dollar, up 1.14 percent than the previous day.Indeed, the currency might of the Red and White had to exceed the record high on August 4 this year, namely Rp 9865 per U.S. dollar. But, some economists have agreed to strengthen the rupiah is still continuing as long as the Bank did not put a halt to strengthen it.

Standard Chartered Bank economist Fauzi Ichsan said the rupiah strengthening occurs due to the weakening U.S. dollar. Sam Uwak currency was becoming sluggish against the currency almost all countries, after their budget deficits likely to rise to 2 trillion U.S. dollars.

Not to mention there are funds accumulated in the vaults of the Federal Reserve about 800 billion U.S. dollars. Dollar deposits will likely flood the market and raise inflation. U.S. will maintain low interest rates to stifle inflation, so that the bond yields remain low U.S. dollar. End, people stay away from U.S. dollars.

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