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The economic team of United Indonesia Cabinet Part two will be able to persuade the assessed market, both financial markets and foreign investors.

This was revealed by the Economic Econit Saparini Hendri. "If it is targeted economic growth and the strengthening of financial markets, so this team is the most appropriate," he said when contacted by the Media Indonesia, Sunday (18/10).

He said, it is seen from the composition of Boediono who became Deputy in charge Predisen economy and Sri Mulyani as Minister of Finance.

Hendri see that both policies, at the time was served, it's about interest rates and moneteris. "Sri Mulyani explained always puts high interest rates. Boediono also the direction of monetary cederung. That's what the market wanted, because they benefit from it," he said.

He predicts, with the economic team dilantiknya, will be hot money flow into Indonesia. "But I think it's only for short-term," he said.

Perumbuhan economy, continued Hendri, expected to be high with the composition of the economic team. But he warned that economic growth is supported only by the financial sector will not grow evenly and domestic industry. The reason put forward only if the general market without regard to the domestic economy, the economy gained a less qualified.

"But if the initial goal was to strengthen the financial side of it yes this is the best team," he concluded.

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