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Exchange rate of rupiah against the U.S. dollar in the interbank spot market, Jakarta, Tuesday (20/10) morning, up close to USD 9300 per U.S. dollar, with its elected Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as President of the Republic of Indonesia for the second time.

The rupiah gained 30 points to USD 9360-USD 9370 per U.S. dollar compared to the previous day's closing, USD 9390-USD 9400.

Money market observer, Harry Kurniawan, in Jakarta on Tuesday, said the inauguration of Indonesia this morning to give a positive sentiment to the market. Active market participants to buy dollars so that experienced substantial increases. In addition, the rupiah was also supported by the improvement in Wall Street and the weakening U.S. dollar against the euro.

"We are optimistic that the rupiah will continue to strengthen until reaching Rp 9300 per U.S. dollar after President inaugurates prospective ministers who have done the feasibility test," he said.
For a while, he said, the rupiah is predicted to be between Rp 9350 and Rp 9370 per U.S. dollar because the perpetrator is currently focused on whether the appointment of the ministers would be no change. "Market participants predict, changes that occur primarily in the field of economy," he said.

Meanwhile, other money market observer, Farial Anwar, estimates, economic growth in 2010 will be better than in 2009. Therefore, the rupiah to the future will be better and the chance to reach the figure Rp 9,000 per U.S. dollar big enough.

Farial Anwar, who is also the Director of Currency Management Board, said the potential for the rupiah to rise again due to very large foreign investments will be even greater after the inauguration of this day provides a positive value on the market.

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