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Bank Indonesia was ready to count coins Prita care community donations, said Public Relations Staff Aswin Gantina Bank Indonesia in Jakarta on Monday.

He said, counting the coins Prita solidarity will be done by calculating machine.

He explained, solidarity Prita coins would be deposited to the bank on Tuesday (23/12). From the bank, according to him, and then will be transported directly to the Office of Bank Indonesia for then calculated in Building C Lobby Office of Bank Indonesia.

"It is estimated that these coins will arrive in the BI at 11.00 in Building C Lobby Office of Bank Indonesia," he said.

As in the previous preached, Prita Mulyasari a patient who complained of services Omni International Hospital. Because of that, he writes an electronic mail (email) to a number of friends who then scattered.

However, Omni International Hospital was damaged so it filed a lawsuit and defamation reported to the police.

Police dressed in Article 310 and Article 311 in the Book of the Law of Criminal Law (Penal Code) of defamation to Prita but when his case transferred to the High Prosecutor (Kejati) Jakarta, the charges are added to Article 27 of Law on Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE ) under penalty of six years in prison.

Prita was arrested at Penitentiary (Prison) Women Tangerang on 13 May 2009 but later released after a sharp spotlight from the government and the national figures.

Prita court case and then make a wave of protest all components of society and government at the time. A wave of protests after the program finally damping Prita and Omni International Hospital peace.

But at the end of 2009, when the police case with the Corruption Eradication Commission noisy camera, Omni International Hospital Prita return filed to the green table. This time, in a civil case, stated Prita have to pay Rp240 million.

This triggered a wave of protest society. As one of support to Prita, people in various busy-busy daerahpun coin collecting coins to pay the fine Prita.

This movement responded by various levels of society, ranging from merchants to the officials, from elementary school children until the mothers social gathering, from singer to artist. Reportedly, the movement of solidarity to Prita coin is able to collect coins to hundreds of millions.

Daughter of former President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), Zannuba Arifah Chafsoh (Yenny) said, community solidarity to collect coins that will be donated to a symbol Mulyasari Prita public outcry.

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