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Euro exchange rate continued to show improvement against the U.S. dollar in the pre-Christmas trading on Thursday (24/12) this. Stronger euro also suspected occurred after U.S. data showed the recovery process of his own country's economy will be slow.

16 currency unit European Union countries are valued U.S. $ 1.4368 in European trading on Thursday (24/12) morning. The value of trade increased compared to Wednesday (23/12) yesterday valued at U.S. $ 1.4337 / Euro.

As the strengthening Euro, British Pound Sterling also rose from U.S. $ 1.6001 to U.S. $ 1.5953/Poundsterling.

Not only are the Euro and the pound sterling, U.S. dollar was also weaker than the Japanese yen, from 91.68 yen / U.S. $ to 91.19 yen / US $.

U.S. data on Wednesday (23/12) showed that sales of real estate in negeranya declined 11 percent in November 2009 compared to the previous month. Sales in the property sector showed the lowest achievement since April 2009 ago.

The U.S. government declared both income and expenditure of the U.S. population in November 2009 showed an increase. However, it is considered not able to increase the number of U.S. industrial production in macro significantly.

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