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Federal Reserve Governor, Ben Bernanke, terpiih become 'Person of the Year' version of TIME magazine. He assessed prominent figure in the restoration of the economy crisis.

His ability to drive the U.S. central bank institutions, the Federal Reserve, no questions. Bernanke's newly elected governor seat in this second period. Confidant of former President George W Bush is, to regain his post on Barack Obama administration.

"Bernanke has led the Fed through one of the worst financial crisis facing this nation and the world," as Obama said the reason Bernanke again pointed.

The position was not achieved 56-year-old man this easily. As a Person of the Year from TIME alone, he must defeat Obama, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the founders of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, until the commander of Western forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal.

"Economic recession is the most important story this year. Without Ben Bernanke, we're all going through worse," said TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel.

Bernanke's football exploits begins when he headed the Faculty of Economics at the university's top U.S. business, Princeton. He was bosom office from 1996 to 2002. The bearded man decided to take a sabbatical for a big bid in front of his eyes.

Doctoral who was born in a Jewish family is invited to join the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, aka the central bank, in 2002 and 2005. A large door opened back in June 2005 for her when she Team Leader didaulat as the Presidential Economic Advisors.

To that end, Bernanke must give up his career at Princeton. So as of July 1, 2005 he stopped serving for the economy's most prestigious universities in the United States. In the end, February 1, 2006 to be a new milestone in the life of simple men.

He was formally appointed as a member of the board of governors for the 14-year period. At the same time, he also officially became a Fed governor who replaced Alan Greenspan. This man also made a breakthrough in a speech titled "Deflation: Making Sure It Does not Happen Here '.

In a speech called "Bernanke Doctrine" which is a policy used by the Fed to prevent deflation in the country. Bernanke outlines seven steps that the Fed should be done to prevent it and a great success.

In that doctrine is also included extensive knowledge of the Great Depression Bernanke who attacked America in the 1930s. This has also become one of the considerations pointed back Obama Bernanke whose term ended on January 31, 2010.

However, the office entrusted to him this time to waver in November 2008, after Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election is phenomenal. Rumors arose that Bernanke will be replaced with one of two economists who are also talented, Tim Geithner and Lawrence Summers.

Bernanke breathed a little sigh of relief when Summers was finally appointed as the Chairman of the National Economic Adviser Consul shaped Obama. While Branch Geithner that the Fed's New York, was appointed Treasury Secretary.

Relief when it finally arrived last August 24, Obama announced that Bernanke will not change. As a former Bank Indonesia officials that hampered the case, Bernanke also have experienced the same thing. On 23 April, he summons the New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Born December 13 was once suspected of being involved in corruption cases acquisition of Merrill Lynch's banking institutions by the Bank of America. Not much different from the case of Century Bank, former Minister of Finance Henry Paulson also allegedly involved.

However, recently, there was no evidence of involvement both in the case. Bernanke influence in U.S. monetary policy is very large. He was involved in almost all important decisions. Especially to save his country from the slump because of the crisis.

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