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Interest of global investors to invest in Indonesia in 2010 is believed to be getting stronger. Indonesia is considered as one of the few countries in the world with good economic prospects, backed by abundant natural resources.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of PT Fortis Investments Moorrees Tino, Monday (7 / 12), said, quite a lot lately Fortis customers in Asia and Europe that have expressed intentions to invest in Indonesia beginning in 2010.

Fortis Investments is the investment manager of the company with full autonomy, part of Fortis Bank. Fortis Bank BNP Paribas Group controlled. Fortis Investments is located in Indonesia since 1992 is a leading investment management firms in the country.

According to Tino, they are institutional investors that previously did not have a portfolio in Indonesia. So far, more Tino, the focus of investors into China, India, and Japan. They are not to Indonesia because the rate of investment risk in Indonesia several years is still high.

However, investors are now interested to see Indonesia Indonesia after a strong enough hold financial crisis in 2008. Coupled with this year's Indonesia's position as one of about 10 countries around the world with positive economic growth at around 4.5 percent.

In addition, Tino said, Indonesia is now the 18th country with the largest economy in the world and has been included in the G-20. The high interest of global investors is to make Fortis raised funds under management target of Rp 20 trillion in 2009 to Rp 25 trillion in 2010. "A lot of other reasons why they are attracted to Indonesia, such as inflation control, the rupiah is stable, and interest rates are still moderate," Tino said that as of January 1, 2010 will be served as the President Director of PT Fortis Investments Eko P Pratomo replace.

Government bed

Meanwhile, Eko Pratomo which will served as President Emeritus and Senior Adviser Fortis Investments said investors now expect that the political and security issues in Indonesia can be resolved properly and quickly so that the government can focus on implementing development five years into the future.

According to Eko, the ideals of government to Indonesia's economic growth to 7 percent in the coming years is not impossible. However, to achieve that growth, development and improvement of infrastructure and transportation facilities are absolutely necessary.

Over investment in the real sector will further encourage increased investment in the financial sector. "Financial Sector funding mediation only. Remained essentially the real sector, not backward. Growth in the real sector will be followed by growth in the financial sector, "said Eko.

In a separate, Aviliani economic analysts say, even if next year the government "sleep", the economy could grow 4 percent. If governments want to make concrete efforts, the economy can grow 5-5,5 percent.

Chairman of the Agricultural Economics Association Rudi Wibowo, who is also professor of agricultural economics social Jember University, asked the government to prepare a variety of instruments in respect of investment facilities investment to Indonesia, such as licensing, infrastructure, and investment direction. "Investments have to be really pushed in the right direction, namely, investment in agriculture-based industries, especially food. Manufacturing industry must be prepared and downstream industries, "he said.

Bank Indonesia estimates that the industrial sector's performance in 2010 will improve with the improvement in domestic and global economy. Industrial sector in 2010 is forecast to grow 2,8-3,4 percent. To improve the performance of industrial sector, the government plans to provide incentives for suppliers of industrial raw materials processing industry in the country.

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