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Exchange rate of rupiah against the dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Thursday (7 / 1) morning, close to bounce back Rp9.200 per dollar, as a positive factor in the money market faster due to this level of market participants to buy dollars.

The rupiah against the dollar rose 32 points to Rp9.213 to Rp9.223 per dollar compared to the previous day's closing Rp9.245 to Rp9.255.

Bank Danamon chief economist Anton Gunawan in Jakarta said the rupiah was already under Rp9.200 per dollar rate. However, Bank Indonesia (BI) since two days have entered the market to hold the hardness increase in Indonesia's currency.

According to him, the BI does not want the rupiah rose too fast, because it was feared would be easy to drop. Rupiah is likely to be reached Rp9.000 per dollar but it will not last long in that position. This is because market players began to seek profit and corporate dollars needed to pay maturing debt.

He said the dollar's rise was too fast, because the hot money coming into the market big enough and the actors take action portfolio position at the beginning of this year. Rupiah throughout the year will be in the range Rp9.200 to Rp9.600 per dollar.

When asked whether the possibility of the rupiah could reach Rp6.000, Anton said to be able to reach it now rather difficult because the various interests will arise.

According to him, that number had occurred during the rule of Megawati, who has sold the assets and funds thrown into the market, triggering a sharp rupiah strengthened.

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