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The implementation of ASEAN free trade-China did not necessarily undermine the old electronics manufacturer. Electronic China is predicted to take five years to compete.

Assistant GM Home Appliances Sharp Electronics Indonesia Andry Adi Utomo rate for the dollar strengthened, it is not too concerned with China goods. Because the factory cost, raw materials such as plastic or copper price is the same in Indonesia and China. Including the cost of production in China right now is not cheap anymore.

"China needs the fastest time of five years and the support of huge funds if you want to really compete with existing products in the country. Sharp just took 30 years to build everything, "he said in Jakarta yesterday.

Government according to Andry, also supports giving a tax break when producing in Indonesia, also received priority in distribution channels. In addition the cost of imported goods stealth as to almost not exist.

He added that FTA will only help big brands from the decline in the number of black market goods. During these black market goods are mostly from Malaysia and Singapore have eroded the market for Sharp 10-15%.

"Sharp is not worried because it already has a first service network in Indonesia. So we also feel a step forward, "said Andry. Moreover, the government plans to implement the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), will take time for China to enter new items to Indonesia.

While other countries have some sort of safety-standard and usually takes 6 months to get approval from the government in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.

"Hopefully with the absence of political interference, the SNI would soon be out. We seriously hope that the government enforce rules for example on rice imports and imports of luxury goods is not so out, "said Andry.

As for the local players, China electronic products valued not as a threat after the FTA into effect. "So far we're not too worried, because recently there was a meeting with the Minister of Industry in December 2009 that the original brand will help Indonesia, including the Polytron," said St. Kadarusman, Relationship Marketing, Advertising & Promotion Manager PT Hartono Istana Teknologi producers Polytron.

Even so Polytron also just in case. As a minimum requirement service center 6, Polytron even have 50 locations. While the price side in 2010 could be competitive because the dollar is stable.

"But the people of Indonesia have started teredukasi, not necessarily cheap goods will be satisfactory. There are things, there is no price and quality. People now had seen there. Electronic not too bothered FTA, which is a garment sebenarya worrying, "he added.

Andry A Utomo said Indonesian electronics market to grow by about 10% in 2010. Could even reach 15% if there is no security or political interference.

Moreover, the penetration of electronic products in Indonesia is still comparatively small. As for the refrigerator is still 22%, washing machines and the air conditioner is still below 10%, while there are 50 million families in Indonesia.

"Politics is safe, the rupiah was stable, interest rates on hold by the government within the boundaries of appropriate, then the guaranteed electronic market growth will remain high in 2010," said Andry.

In 2010 Sharp electronic product growth target of 115%. LCD TV products are expected to rise 200%. Fridge 115%, 150% washing machine and air-conditioning could increase by 160%.

Andry But the government expects to keep the electricity supply can be more stable. "Every CEO PLN would change, electricity is always off, I also do not know the connection," Andry said sarcastically.

He added that electricity supply instability affects the sales decline by 50%. And for Sharp Corp., Indonesia became one of the largest sales goals in the world by being in the order of the 3, after China and India.

Electrical problems were also a barrier for Polytron. Saint rate of electronic products in 2010 could grow because of the price decline associated stable dollar. While Indonesia is not affected by the global crisis of 2009 so that people's purchasing power is still there, including no increase in fuel issue.

"Infrastructure in ports and roads must be improved in the physical and cost-cost, power-byar no pet and political stability," said Santo.

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