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Condition sugar industry in East Java province in 2010 definitely in danger, said Director of National Development of PT Perkebunan (PTPN) XI, Suyitno, at Surabaya, Saturday.
"Right now many farmers are cutting sugar cane crop to prematurely sent to Central Java and West Java," said Suyitno.

Sugarcane crop to be harvested before their time was used as seed and planted again in other areas.

"We deliberately let the matter because the farmers may be more beneficial way than waiting for the crop," he said after giving exposure in the East Java Parliament building.

He mentions, it sold the seed cane farmers Rp40.000 prices, 00 per hundred pounds. "They can not be blamed for the early season is usually milled, prices will fall," he said.

Farmers see it is very beneficial because thinking is still able to harvest sugar cane twice, though in the early stages of their early sell-cut results.

But if this is allowed, then the sugar industry in East Java which has been getting supplies of sugarcane from the farmers, are in danger.

So far, farmers have never profit, though the current high price of sugar, reach Rp12.000, 00 per kilogram. This is because the farmers receive a bailout of investors or the winning bidder for Rp5.300 sugar, 00 per kilogram.

Suyitno added, declining production and quality of sugarcane in East Java because farmers do not absorb the maximum credit from PTPN XI.

"From the credit limit we set up Rp100 billion, which absorbed the farmers only Rp60 billion. There are several factors about this, are still many farmers who can not meet the requirements in obtaining loans," he said.

Mmebuat circumstances that affected crop quality during the last five years this taboo yield fluctuates quite sharp, and even tended to decrease.

In 2004 sugarcane yield reached 7.6 percent, but in 2005 declined to 6.75 percent, and 2006 rose again to 7.33 percent.

Unfortunately in 2007 the number decreased again to reach the level of 6.93 percent. Although 2008 had risen to 7.8 percent reached in 2009 fell 7.7 percent longer live.

Suyitno predict the yield of sugarcane milling season in 2010 will decrease again because of the very limited supply of chemical fertilizers have been the mainstay of the sugar cane farmers.

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