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Cooling which formed the backbone of the automotive industry in the homeland era of the 1970s and 1980s are now ready to bounce back from 'sleep' duration.
An opportunity to bring industry back Karoseri seemed wide open exhibition of buses, trucks, commercial vehicles and components, or 'International Bus, Truck, and Components Exhibition (IIBT) 2010' the next 24-27 Maret.

The new exhibition was first held in Indonesia, followed by 300 leading companies from 20 countries.

"We hope the exhibition IIBT 2010 the first time able to increase market share and Cooling industry can introduce broader body of a car industry of the existence of ground water to the public," said DPP Chairman Cooling Association of Indonesia (ASKARINDO) David Herman Jaya, in a press conference IIBT 2010, Wednesday (13 / 1), in Jakarta.

Cooling is derived from the Dutch language means Carrosserie vehicle houses built on the framework / chassis of a car or a bus or a special chassis truck.

Originally karoseri in Indonesia using a wooden frame, which is coated with a thin metal plate. The industry is growing very rapidly in the 1970s, and by then many passenger car or minibus, which was built from the pickup, including the making of a bus from the truck chassis. Now only buses and trucks that use the body of a car industry services in addition to specialized vehicles such as ambulances, fire.

Coupled with government policies that do not limit the age of public transport has been 'switched off' industry body of a car, making it difficult to rise.

"Look at the current public bus, age alone is more than 15 years. We should imitate China. In the public bus a few years they've changed. Even when I came to the Beijing Olympics, hybrid buses have been there.'s Why there karoseri industry forward, "said David who claimed to have 'taught' about the Cooling China two decades ago.

In Indonesia there are 341 new body of a car company comes from the island of Java and Lampung ASKARINDO members. "If the whole Indonesia may be more than 1,000 companies," says David.

In 2003 ASKARINDO standing with the intention of government to bridge the body of a car industry. Industrial Cooling considered a motor vehicle has a vital and strategic value, but it could turn into destroyers and murderers, if the vehicle is not in accordance with technical requirements and the intended design.

There were now new technologies such as pembangunanan monocoque body of a car, has a level higher safety and better comfort, and the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and strong, glass fibers, including carbon fiber.

Well! in 2010 which will IIBT held besama with Indonesia's Largest Auto Parts Exhibition (INAPA) 2010 the opportunity to turn the body of a car industry is very open.

"There will be at least 300 leading companies from 20 countries who participated in this exhibition, so the chances are great," says David.

With the rise of body of a car industry, is expected to boost the domestic market of commercial vehicles will rise between 10-20% to 132,103 units this year from 115,014 units in 2009.

The exhibition theme is Eco-Friendly Automotive is expected to be a bridge b to b, so boosting the economy in the country.

IIBT 2010 organized by PT Global Expo Management (GEM) will bring participants from industry players buses, trucks, special vehicles, components (spare part), and accessories. The exhibition was opened on 24-27 March 2010, starting at 10.00-18.00 wib. Visitors who present no admission charge.

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  1. How to join the show. It's very perfect concept of this kinds of show in Indonesia. I will be very interest to join the show.

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