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2009 inflation rate will reach around 3% is far lower than that in the plan Revised 2009. The low level of inflation is best accomplish in the last 10 years.

Head of Public Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Finance Harry Z Soeratin in a press release the Ministry of Finance in Jakarta, Friday (1 / 1). "It turned out that various efforts that have been taken by the government and BI in achieving a national economic indicators in the year 2009 showed a good performance.

Fourth quarter economic growth reached 5.2% with the realization of economic growth until the third quarter reached 4.2% with Estimates of economic growth for 2009 reached 4,3-44%. In line with the low level of idflasi, interest rate 3-month SBI BI effort continues to decline so that the realization reached an average 7.6%.

During the year 2009, the rupiah has strengthened the trend so that by the end of the year for Rp9.403 per U.S. $. This is an average Rp10.408 per uS $ 2009 throughout the year. The strengthening of the rupiah was supported by the high foreign exchange reserves reached U.S. $ 65.84 billion as of November 2009.

For the price of crude oil in accordance with the estimated average of U.S. $ 61.5 per barrel. Meanwhile, crude oil lifting Indonesia averaged 952 thousand barrels per day bpd), which means still below the target Revised 2009 for 950 thousand bpd.

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