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Astra group stocks still show potential for strengthening, as the improving global economy. However, given the already high price, there needs to be corrected first before investors return accumulation.

Nico Simatupang, an investment analyst PT GMT Asset Management estimates that the movement of stock Astra Group as a whole is still going strong. Although not many corporate actions that move the stock this group, but still positive financial performance.

"I recommend for long term buy these shares," he told INILAH.COM, in Jakarta, yesterday. According to him, Astra stock performance is still positive because of the good financial performance and routinely reported every month.

Unlike with other issuers who reported a three-month performance, even some were late. Therefore, the analyst can provide predictions and recommendations appropriately, so that market participants can directly make a purchase. "This is what sets it apart from other issuers," he said.

This, more Nico, was the site of Astra and the kids business, which can be accessed easily by the public. He also gives examples of the issuer plantation of PT Astra Argo Lestari (AALI) that can be known of its CPO harvest, or the sale of heavy equipment PT United Tractors (UNTR).

Including motorcycles and cars sales PT Astra International (ASII). "All that can be a guide for investors to know whether a positive financial report or not," he explained.

Daily basis, Nico ASII estimates will lead to a resistance level as Rp35.800 and Rp32.700 its support level. Investors began to worry about the increase in vehicle prices and pressure for higher interest rates beginning this year will push sales ASII.

As of January 1, 2010, car prices began to rise varies Rp1-13 million. The increase in customs tax is triggered under a motor vehicle (BBNKB) which increased by about 10% by local governments, rather than an increase from the manufacturer or dealer.

However, prices could rise this vehicles to improve profit margins. This is considering the volume of car sales so far are not sensitive to price increases, but the mortgage interest. 0.5% Increase in interest rates will reduce sales and vice versa.

In this year mortgage interest tends to continue to fall, because the banks profit margins are still too wide. Thus, estimates Gaikindo to national car sales for 550.000unit likely be achieved.

Joint Indonesian motor vehicle industry (Gakindo) said domestic car sales in 2009 fell 20% YoY to 486,439 units. This financial crisis in the leasing company, as well as an increase in mortgage interest payment. While the data based on some brand holder sole agents (ATPM), the car market in December rose 22%.

On the other hand, Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) said that 2009 had sales of motor impairment 6% to reach 5.9 million units. Honda became the market leader in Indonesia with 46.2% market share. Followed by Yamaha, with over 45.3%.

Nevertheless, national motorcycle sales in December 2009 rose 37% on an annual basis or 0.98% (monthly) to 551,742 units. Increased support financial sector performance in the second half of 2009. If economic growth could reach 5.5%, the motor market is estimated to reach 6.05 to 6.2 million units.

To share UNTR, Nico predicts this will strengthen the issuer to the resistance Rp15.150 as Rp16.750 and its support level. As a company that specializes in mining and mining services, increased demand for coal, will raise the price of this commodity. Sales of Komatsu heavy equipment was still able to grow supported by high demand for coal mining sector.

In technical, Danareksa Securities predicts UNTR still potentially weakened. However, this correction can become an investor the opportunity to buy at low prices. "Buy on weakness UNTR in Support MA50 in 15,350. Conservative target at 16.60, "he said. Nico predicts, issuers AALI plantations in the first session was predicted to continue strengthening. CPO prices are soaring through the levels MYR3.000 per tonne trigger a sharp increase in plantation stocks.

However, he continued, until the closing session of the day, potentially weakened by profit taking. "AALI will move in the range of 23,050 and Rp28.000 support as its resistance level," he concluded.

The same thing also expressed Lauthandana Securindo research team. According to him, CPO price increase this year had a positive impact. However, because it strengthened rapidly, should be wary of the potential correction. "We recommend a hold for Astra Agro Lestari," he said.

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