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Foreign opportunities to have an apartment with a longer time period to 75-90 years will trigger a strengthening of shares in the property sector. Shares LPKR, CTRP, and potentially most ogled ELTY.

Natalia Sutanto, Ciptadana Securities analysts said that if the draft of Government Regulation (PP) on the ownership of foreign citizens (foreigners) to the property sector in Indonesia will have positive impact applied to the shares of real estate. The regulation allows foreigners have apartments to 75 and even 90 years.

Therefore, many properties listed companies to offer appartemen take quite expensive. In the new regulations will foreign ownership of at least Rp2 billion for the apartment. "In fact, many property companies that offer above that price," he told INILAH.COM, in Jakarta, yesterday.

Therefore, he emphasized the implementation of this rule will add a new market in the sector. Because, originally a stranger can not buy it because the period is limited to only 25 years old.

At the same time, interest in purchasing the property itself is expected to increase from the local demand. With the revision of that rule, the automatic increase is strengthened.

Currently there is talk of foreign ownership to 75 and even 90 years. Foreigners can buy only the vertical residential (apartment). This will have a positive impact on the issuer's fundamental property sector. Menpera promised revision of this law soon finished.

He asserted that the rule will affect a very positive, especially for issuers who sold the apartment. Among the shares of PT Lippo Karawaci (LPKR), PT Ciputra Property (CTRP), and PT Barieland Development (ELTY). "The three issuers have one product in the form of apartments. The rest, they also developed residential and shopping center, "he explained.

LPKR target at Rp890 level until 12 months. While shares CTRP, Natalia claimed not to update it. The target on the stock ELTY Rp530 level until the end of this year. "I recommend 'buy' for these stocks," he concluded.

As foreing ownership regulation is the third company to be ogled by a stranger. Therefore, the sentiment for the three stocks will be very positive.

In trading Thursday (14 / 1), at 15:30 LPKR shares rose Rp560 to Rp10. Meanwhile, the stock gained CTRP still stagnant Rp5 to 300 levels. While ELTY up Rp20 to Rp270 per share.

Earlier, Minister of Housing, said the government Suharso Monoarfa middle brewing draft Government Regulation (PP) on the ownership of foreign citizens (foreigners) to the property sector in the country. This is expected to stimulate the property sector in Indonesia.

Issuance of this regulation could be done until one semester to the next. He also said discussions have been conducted by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs and the Secretariat of State. "I hope one semester to the next, if that happens," said Menpera on one occasion last week.

Head of National Land Agency (BPN), Joyo Winoto, also revealed, condo prices that foreigners can buy is limited at least Rp2 billion. At this time, the government had yet to determine how long the property ownership rights for foreign nationals (foreigners) will be regulated in the regulation anyar. But there will be leeway in the ownership rules.

Regarding foreign ownership period, up to now is still a debate between departments. "There is a suggested 70 years, but there was a 90-year requested. But there are also ideas, the highest owned only 55 years old or 50 years. Well, this decision is a bit difficult," says Joyo. To BPN itself, according to him, it's better if the ownership is under 90 years old.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. 90 years old seems to be a hefty hurdle.

  2. Foreigners will be regulated in the regulation Aryan. But there will be leeway in the ownership rules.

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