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Toward the end of the week has not shown success JCI even worse off. However, the value of transactions on the stock closed spirit enough Rp2, 11 trillion in trading volume of 20.60 billion shares are supported by the continued strengthening of 20 stocks, 159 shares back correction, and 41 shares were stagnant.

Stock index and all sectors were devastated. JII stock index also fell 11.36 points to level 424, LQ45 any stock index bounced 12.76 points to level 505. Likewise with mining sector bablas 66.42 points to 2264 levels and the agricultural sector fell 24.88 points to 1889 levels.

As for stocks that experienced a significant decline was ASII down Rp1.450 to RP33.800, ITMG down Rp1.150 to Rp32.250, UNTR down Rp700 to Rp17.000, PTBA turu nRp550 to Rp17.150, GGRM down Rp500 oak Rp23 .550, INTP down Rp400 to Rp13.300, AALI down Rp350 to Rp24.400, ISAT down Rp250 to Rp5.100, BDMN down Rp250 to Rp5.100, down 200 to AUTO Rp6.550, TLKM down Rp200 to Rp9.250 , EARTH down 125 to Rp2.600.

Meanwhile, stocks that have increased today is BHIT up Rp30 to Rp285, TFCO up Rp25 to Rp375, DYNA Rp780 up to Rp20, Rp20 oak JKON up Rp600, ALMI up Rp10 to Rp650, INDR up Rp10 to Rp590, PWSI up Rp9 to Rp65, BTEk up Rp7 to Rp104.

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