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Ni contigo Ni sin ti capitulo 63. View Video we introduce the telenovela Ni contigo Ni sin ti capitulo 63 this capitulo aired on Wednesday May 25, 2011.

Ni contigo Ni sin ti capitulo 63 Synopsis: The 'Pension Caro' is the key place where stories of love, heartbreak, friendship and loyalty will develop.
All tenants of this place is like a big family who really like fun at the expense of others, but are also supportive when needed.
There is know Leo and Nicole. He is a salesman of encyclopedias and teaches Braille, while she studied art design and dreams of working in a film.
Their personalities are strong and conflicting, so there will be constant and comical fights between them.
However, José Carlos come to try to win over Nicole. He is a rich man who uses women only as entertainment.

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