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Do not miss this May 30 at 18:15 Mexican time (7 hours in the Spanish peninsula, 6 hours in the Canary Islands) Ni contigo ni sin ti Capítulo 66 of the telenovela of Televisa titled "Ni contigo ni sin ti Capítulo 66 'live and free.

Leo begins years ago when he lost his sight, and Nicole, beat the arrival of a hurricane in the town where he lived. Some time later, both live in the pension of Mrs. Caro's mother, Nicole.

All who live in the guesthouse are like a big family that loves to have fun at the expense of others, but are also supportive when needed.

Leo works selling encyclopedias, giving talks at a local museum and teaching of Braille. Nicole, who studied art design and dreams of working in a big film production, working in the prestigious Boutique Eleonora.

Julia, is the newcomer to the board and are looking for work, Lalo is an electrician by trade and ride along with Poncho, his best friend, a repair shop, Yola works as a cashier at a supermarket for jockey Bosco studied but not yet passed to be a groom at the racetrack, Don Chuy tololoche plays in a restaurant.

Don Gelasius, on the other hand, has stopped driving his truck moving due to a heart condition, Mrs. Caro manages the pension and is very strict with the accounts carried in his book, Flora is the cook of the pension and his son Tobi , is the assistant of Leo and his supporters in sales.

These characters relate to others who live a very different reality. Eleanor is a beautiful woman, rich and with a busy social life, her daughter Veronica hates it has always considered her romantic rival, Salma, the best friend of Eleanor lives hopeful with the notion that Octavio, a wealthy businessman decides marry her. Salma knows that he has a mistress for years, which is none other than Julia, the new tenant of the pension.

Iker he meets Julia, a handsome and wealthy young man and falls in love with him immediately. Iker is not known to the child's best friend Octavio. Iker has two brothers, Jose Carlos, who has a weakness for beautiful women who always seductive, and Isabella, a girl who hates something crazy in the empty world that has grown and so he decides to have a double life. Isabela arrives at the board pretending to be a poor girl and feeling immediately attracted to Leo. As Marco, who has loved since childhood, dreams of marrying her.
Ni contigo ni sin ti Capítulo 66

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