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Bajo el Alma capitulo 13 - Novelas Series Soul diertete Bajo el Alma capitulo 13. This capitulo aired on Friday June 17, 2011. On this site you can also see all the chapters of this lenovela you this super interesting. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera and can spread our content through Facebook. Bajo el Alma capitulo 13

Bajo el Alma capitulo 13: 
Diego (Matías Novoa) ignores the difficult world of Giovanna (Barbara Regil), the daily struggle to live in poverty. Giovanna Diego believes that life has settled for being rich, the ignorance and prejudices collide and make them hate to be known, but little by little, either find that the rich suffer like the poor, the poor are spiritually rich and that life is a constant struggle to achieve what you dream and protect what you love.
Giovanna and Diego must overcome a long obstacle course, secrets, jealousies and intrigues, to understand that money is not hate, but love and hope that moves the world.
On the subject of the novel will be played by the Cuban Eliades Ochoa on Radio Formula [link] mention a topic that will be made for latelenovela original, but at least in the trailer for the novel I'm listening to the subject as never before.

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