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Hello lovers of soap operas, Novelas series is back. Are you ready to see Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 213 ? If so, before we see capitulo Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 213, I hope you have been watching Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 212 because it is very important and can help you understand this capitulo. Clik Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 213 in line to see that chapter.
Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 213 Synopsis 
Cindy revealed to local residents Manaure shark Yadira son is not Hannibal Chepe Fortuna.
At the time, comes Chepe and hears everything. The news falls at all like a bucket of cold water. To check if it's true what the guy says, Fortuna goes to jail to visit Yadira and wonders. What a woman will respond? The day of the elections for mayor, however, Chepe's favoritism could be clouded after the press? learned that his wife was involved in the death of the farmer. Meanwhile, Hannibal and his father, Bruno, to do almost anything to get votes. Who will win? And Lucas has custody of Queen Victoria.

Ver Chepe Fortuna Capitulo 213

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