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Cielo Rojo capitulo 20 -  Hello friends, fans of the soap opera or telenovela television drama, a lot of story about any kind of conflict both in married life, romance, until the course of business.  Cielo Rojo capitulo 20  telenovela drama has the highest ratings on television, because the story is given in love all over the television audience. now this soap opera has come to  Cielo Rojo capitulo 20  This story tells of Alma and Andrew love one another because they are young, but fate always finds a way to keep them separate, with the cost of all throughout the year. They found each other again when their lives have taken different paths. They are determined to flee together when the tragedy around them again.

Alma spent 20 years in prison Andrew did not believe the attention that it helps, while Andrew believes he preferred to stay with her ​​husband. Soul out of prison and wants to get his daughter. Gonzalo found, one the owners of older properties are rich, who always liked. He is a fun and eventually fall in love with her ​​and asks her to marry him. Alma, after much consideration, I accept your proposal. With him was happy and felt safe. Andrew has had a dull life, dedicated to work and "child " to her, her marriage has failed.

What is the history of this telenovela, please see the TVazteca13, on Friday, June 17, 2011. Do not forget the history of soap opera drama  Cielo Rojo 

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