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Enjoy and A Corazon Abierto capitulo 49 of the second season of live fully and completely free on 06 June by RCN Colombia.A Corazon Abierto capitulo 49

A Corazon Abierto capitulo 49 Plot:
The second season of "A Corazon Abierto 'War begins with Andrew (Rafael Novoa) entering the jail where you must pay for the death of the mother of María Alejandra (Veronica Orozco). Reaching the most violent and neglected strata of the country, will provide a different way of seeing life, profession, and especially death, which not only is the spectrum against fighting as a doctor.

Meanwhile, Mauricio Hernández (Jorge Enrique Abello) will continue in his race for the love of Maria Alejandra, who continues to suffer the fate of Andrew. This is the great crossroads of his life until justice is rendered.

But Maria Alejandra is not the only sufferer. Isabel (Sandra Hernandez) seek ways to save Earth (Juan Pablo Espinosa), to return to normal life, while Cristina (Natalia Durán) must suffer the consequences of being jilted at the altar Burgos.

A Corazon Abierto capitulo 49

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