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Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103, 08 June 2011. Hello friends today I bring the Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103  which you can see all of you for this your web soap free, in the company of close friends and family. Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103 is high quality video and sound that can not miss any detail of this super telenovela, besides that I can download to your computer. This is Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103 , 08 June 2011. Greetings friends and enjoy their telenovela To see some of you missed Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103   just follow this link where you will find all the capitulo
Los Herederos del Monte Capítulo 103:  relates the conflicts that arise in the lives of five brothers Del Monte when her father dies and they find out they were adopted and the existence of only one biological daughter, Paula (Marlene Favela), a woman beautiful. From that moment, the Rinconada del Monte, the farm that for decades has become the most important and prosperous in the area will never be beaten. Paula, resentful at being ignored by his father's family is determined to get her share of inheritance and wants to get his due. You love now fought against a very mysterious woman.

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