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Ana Cristina Capítulo 76, you can see online Ana Cristina Capítulo 76 for the day Thursday August 18, 2011. Cast: Second Cernadas, Karina Jordan, Mariela Alcalá, Michael Finseth, Carolina Cano, Julián Legaspi, Atilia Boschetto
Ana Cristina Synopsis: Soledad Pino, a humble peasant woman, is pregnant with Benavides Anselmo, but he does not know this and marries Victoria Aragon, heiress to a large hotel company. Loneliness becomes a single mother gives birth to Ana Cristina, who is raised by her Aunt Rosa's older sister Soledad, and she decides to travel to America to work. Anselmo and Victoria have two daughters: Maria Jimena and Julia "Maju". Victoria and her mother, Regina, plan to assassinate Soledad and her daughter to stop being a hindrance in her marriage. One night with her friend Rosa and baby she heard the news and learn that Pino Soledad "died" on the border, then suddenly set fire to the house where they were. Rosa manages to save the little baby Anna, but her friend and the baby dies. Victoria and her mother have to believe that both are dead as Anna Soledad, while Anselmo feel great sadness at the memory of Soledad.

Twenty years later, Anne has become a beautiful and cheerful girl who lives with his aunt Rosa, who is now called White, believing that this is his mother, with Father Clement and several children at Casa Hogar. One day he met Gonzalo, who owns a luxurious life and is loved by Jimena Benavides, he falls for Anna, and she with him, this causes the envy of Jimena. Anselmo, meet Anna, decides to help her with good feelings all you can because she brings back to Soledad, then takes her to live at home. That the servants know James, Pepa and Benita who will be their friends but also enemies known as the driver and the unstable Lucho Maju. But above all, the arrival of Ana Cristina unleash hatred and fury of Victoria, who will not rest until destroyed. Soledad, now converted into a rich woman named Eva Smith, Claudio returns to Peru after a stormy past have lived abroad to find his daughter and sister and fulfill her revenge. Gradually, new events are happening, Anselm discovers that Anna is the daughter she had with Soledad, but hides it, Jimena is pregnant with Andrew, but Gonzalo led to believe that the child is his son, Soledad Claudio indirectly reveals had to work as a prostitute for several years, Sergio Andrés tells the child that is not expected Jimena Gonzalo, but his own. Jimena and Gonzalo were about to marry, but she goes to find his house and runs over to Diego, one of the children of Casa Hogar, and leaves it lying on the ground. After this, Gonzalo and his mother find him and take him to hospital where he was interned, Victoria advises Diego Jimena to murder not to have evidence of the accident, she tries, but fails. There are still many things to discover, and the story gets more and more intense

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